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    iLearning, which also known as UGC NET Delhi Coaching is No. 1 institute for the coaching of UGC NET & is known for its high standard of teaching & learning.

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    Unlike others, our study material is updated regularly and also cover miscellaneous topics.

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    Test is what makes a student to gain knowledge. So we regularly take mock test and also provide online mock test.

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    Our faculty of UGC NET is handpicked from reputed institution of India. Our team of faculty consist of highly experienced, motivated & qualified professors.

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  • Computer Science
  • Commerce
  • Management
  • English
  • Paper I
  • Economics
  • Pol. Science
  • Public Admin.
  • Education
  • Sociology
  • History

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Computer Science, English, Management, Economics, Commerce, Political Science, H.R.M, Paper 1, Public Administration, Education, Sociology and Many Subjects

We are the best UGC NET JRF Coaching made up of Chartered Accountants and NET JRF Qualified Teachers.

We are welcoming, accepting and passionate about being the best we can be. Join us to make your journey to lecturership unforgettable.
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NET exams are conducted by UGC is an opportunity to start your career as a Lecturer in college, universities and other educational institution. The exams are conducted twice a year. All the students who will pass the exams are given grants by UGC for Junior Research Fellowship.


About iLearning

Who we are?

iLearning is India’s well known institute having the group of highly qualified professors (Chartered Accountants & NET-JRF qualified) from reputed colleges of Delhi University. At iLearning, We creates an interactive learning which enables the every student to realize their potential & achieve their dreams. UGC NET Delhi Coaching at iLearning is distinctive because we guarantee our students early, continuous, and pro-active action which delivers the result along with the success.

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Our Faculty

Why are we different?

Our faculty members challenge their students, share insights gained through professional experience and communicate the knowledge they’ve spent a lifetime acquiring.They’re supportive in the classroom, active in the community and committed to teaching.

Our faculty is focused towards student-centered style of teaching for Computer Science, Commerce, Management, Economics, Political Science, Human Resource Management, English, Paper 1 etc. At UGC NET Delhi Coaching, the faculty of UGC NET JRF is handpicked from reputed institution of India. Team of faculty consist of highly experienced, motivated & qualified professors.

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From The Desk of

iLearning's Founder
Saurabh Puri

Saurabh Puri

Potential – you have it; we know it. Let us prove it. This what all professor here believe in. Just imparting of information is not enough, success of the students starts with the faculty’s confidence in the students.

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Why UGC NET Delhi Coaching ?

Learn And Study From The Experts

One of the surest ways to gain a competitive advantage is by learning from the experts. Thats why, our teachers come with years of experience in their respective fields to make our students have the perfect knowledge in their subjects.

Basic to Advance: We Teach Everything

Our curriculum not only includes the syllabus but also the basic required for understanding the subject more deeply and efficiently. To know more about our curriculum click here.

Our Classes Are Interesting

We use the latest methodologies and techniques to make studies more interactive and interesting. Read more about our methodology here

We are different

We try and keep on developing our education platform regularly to give our students the best experience. Don't believe us. Just come and take a free class to see the differences.

Our Popular Courses

Having over 20 thousand students and more than 10 courses.

Computer Science

Computer Science is the science of using computers to solve problems. Mostly, it involves designing software (computer programs) and addressing fundamental scientific questions about the nature of computation but also involves many aspects of hardware and manufacturing the large computer systems that form the infrastructure of commercial and government enterprises.

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Commerce is a branch of business. It is concerned with the exchange of goods and services. It includes all those activities, which directly or indirectly facilitate that exchange.

Commerce looks after the distribution aspect of the business. Whatever is produced it must be consumed, to facilitate this consumption there must be a proper distribution channel. Here comes the need for commerce which is concerned with the smooth buying and selling of goods and services.

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Economics can actually be defined a few different ways: it’s the study of scarcity, the study of how people use resources, or the study of decision-making. Economics often involves topics like wealth, finance, recessions, and banking, leading to the misconception that economics is all about money and the stock market. Actually, it’s a much broader discipline that helps us understand historical trends, interpret today’s headlines, and make predictions for coming decades.

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Management is an individual or a group of individuals that accept responsibilities to run an organisation. They Plan, Organise, Direct and Control all the essential activities of the organisation. Management does not do the work themselves. They motivate others to do the work and co-ordinate (i.e. bring together) all the work for achieving the objectives of the organisation.

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The Importance of English Language has globally accepted. It is the only language which is being taught second language and as an official language in almost 90 countries. It is not only currently considered the most important language for those who speak it as their first language but also for them who speak it as a second language. English is essential when it comes to finding jobs or career in both government departments and multinational companies.

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Political Science

The study of politics is the study of people and societies struggling with great and enduring issues — war and peace, order and freedom, and justice and equality. Understanding how and why those issues are resolved, or fail to be resolved.

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